Customers satisfaction is the most important aspect for us...

Who we are?

A few years ago, we decided to test ourselves in the manufacture of furniture. We built factory within a short periodand  began to serve our customers. customer satisfaction is always our main target. That is why, we reached tops in the production, as well as good relations with our foreign partners, which are we have created.

Currently, our partners are Italian holdings such as " GRIGGIO Woodworking Machinery "," ACM srl. "," Ascot” Turkish giant companies, such as " Durmazlar "," Tempo aksesuar" Etiket Atölyesi ";" Sağlam Makina; "Feta Eğitim Araçları Merkezi";"Teksan makina " large companies. This is not the end, we constantly expanding partnerships, trying to be able to serve our clients better.

In our country, various govermental and private organisations rely on us, concerning updating their material-technical base. Ministries of Communications and Defence, Express Bank, National Onchology Center, State Technical and Slavic universities can be a simple example.

Always  guiding a policy of transparency we have shared all processes such as construction of our factory, news about our new partnership relations.

During this short perioud , we have an international certificate ISO 9001 and the establishment of quality management system now in the stage of finalising process.

Since this year  we will share some innovations to our customers. Our target  is the same, but goals becames larger. We will do our best to deliver our production with the label “Made in Azerbaijan” to contemprory world market.